"It's just something you don't expect. You're sleeping and then all of a sudden you've got knocks on your door and you have to get dressed quickly and you're being driven away in a humvee. You're like, 'I'm in West Bloomfield,'" said Lori Sellman. 'It's crazy, it's like you're in a movie. You don't expect something like this and it's very sad. We feel very badly for the police officer that was shot and I feel badly for the family that's going through this."

The residents are being held away from their homes until the situation has been resolved.

Homeowner's business under investigation

Local 4 has learned that the homeowner, Ricky Coley, who has not been confirmed to be the gunman, is a business owner that is being investigated by the federal government.

IMAGES: West Bloomfield barricaded gunman scene

Published On: Sep 10 2012 09:30:34 AM EDT

Authorities say a 12-year veteran police officer was fatally shot in suburban Detroit while rushing to the aid of a man officers thought needed medical attention.

West Blomfield police officer shot and killed
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