PONTIAC, Mich. -

Testimony is back underway Thursday in the trial of Mitchell Young, who is charged in the baseball attacks on the Cipriano family. Local 4's Guy Gordon brings us testimony from inside the courtroom.

8:30 a.m.

Mitchell Young enters the court around 8:40A.

He appears to be wearing the same dark suit he's worn all week.

Judge Shalina Kumar takes the bench at 8:48A

We expect to hear testimony from first responders who came to the grisly scene on the morning of April 16th, 2012

Eric Buckberry takes the stand. Farmington Hills Police Officer for more than a decade. He was first on the scene.

At 2:52 A.M. he was called to the Cipriano home. Buckberry was sent to a domestic violence call between two brothers.

Buckberry: I was updated there might be a baseball bat involved and that several other people might be involved. It's 3:00 in the morning so I'm driving 65 mph.

My car was parked in the street

WATCH LIVE: Trial for Mitchell Young in Cipriano baseball bat beatings

8:50 a.m.

Officer identifies photo of front of Cipriano home. Windows were open. The window with light was Salvatore's room

Buckberry: As we approach the door there is a banging noise, to this day I don't know what that is. I announce we are police officers.

There was no response.

As I come to the door there's a little girl in her nightgown looking at me. (8 year old Isabella Cipriano) We look at each other for 2 seconds. A male subject then comes running by.
He runs right into the little girl, knocking her to the ground and continues up the stairs. The little girl gets up and lets me in. She leads me further into the house.

He went up this flight of stairs? Yes. These are blood smears? Yes

When you looked down the stairs, what did you see? The first person I see is Rose Cipriano on left side of staircase. I tried to get a response from either one of them.
Rosemary was moving but was unresponsive. They were breathing. She seemed like she was moving reactionary. (Sal) was barely breathing and was not moving. He was face down and badly injured.
Rose had a lot of blood on her, hair, face, eye was swollen. You could see it was a very bad injury.

When I get the call I have no idea what I was being called to.

Tanner Young apprehended. He is uninjured. They don't know what the situation is, so he is treated as a suspect.

9:03 a.m.

Buckberry: He's handcuffed, searched and put on a couch.

He tells me his brother, and a friend, attacked his father with a baseball bat.

As I'm talking to Tanner the questions are coming to him rapid fire. He didn't know who the other person in the house is.
At that point his eyes get big and he says, "There he comes!" It is Mitchell Young coming down the stairs.
As I see him I start moving towards entrance of the stairs.

What I plan on doing is meeting him at the bottom of the stairs.