The vacant Michigan Central Station has been a symbol of Detroit's decay. Since the last train pulled out in 1988, the MCS has been a popular destination for vandals, squatters, and "urban explorers" who have left the building covered in graffiti and riddled with broken windows.

And while a full-scale renovation and reuse remains far from certain, MCS owner Matty Moroun is moving forward with a plan to replace the building's windows and roof.

Moroun's NBIT, Inc. obtained permits to install a freight elevator in the historic structure near the Corktown neighborhood. The new elevator is necessary to allow workers to continue with planned repairs.

“As with the rehabilitation of any historic structure, it always takes more time and money than first expected. In addition to applying for the building permits we are keeping city of Detroit officials updated on our progress and plans," said NBIT spokesman Mickey Blashfield.

Moroun's corporate empire acquired the train station in the early 1990s. They began asbestos abatement and necessary interior demolition in 2011.