The Happy's Pizza on Outer Drive is only two blocks from the address where the 21-year-old deliveryman, Anthony, was sent.

As it turned out, the homeowner had not ordered anything. Anthony says as soon as he got onto the front porch two armed men told him to drop everything.

Anthony yelled, "Please don't kill me!" He tried to knock the gun from one of them and then ran. A neighbor heard the commotion.

"I heard, you know, an elevated voice where like somebody was aggravated or something like that, and then we heard the pop, and we got on the ground," said the neighbor.

Anthony was shot in the upper back but he just kept running to the Blue Jay Market party store which is close to the pizza place.

"He just came in and he asked for help. I got a security guard named Brian and he knows him real good, so he's like, 'Brian, can you help me, can you help me?'" said Genet Geziee, of Blue Jay Market.

Lincoln Park police brought a K9 unit to the Detroit neighborhood. A Detroit police officer arrested two 20-year-old men.

Happy's Pizza has nine other drivers at the location. Everybody is very upset.

"It's hard. He's just a young guy out here trying to make a living for himself instead of being on the street doing awful things. You know, so it's really bad," said Cynthia Chappell, of Happy's Pizza.

Anthony was wounded in the arm and shoulder. He will be OK but is in the hospital for pain management.

He said he’s doing fine, but will no longer work as a pizza deliveryman.

"I would be paranoid," he said.