ROMULUS, Mich. -

Car hits plane DTW A plane ran into a car about 4 p.m. Monday on the tarmac outside the McNamara Terminal at Detroit Metro Airport.

The attached photo was taken by a passenger, Brian Gillespie, who was on the plane at the time. No injuries have been reported.

"I was on a flight to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we had just boarded and I think the plane was being towed out ... there was a parked car, a pedestrian car, not like a luggage car, sitting out there and the plane hit it," Gillespie said. "The wing hit the top of the car and we heard it kind of crunch like metal ... the plane came to a screeching halt. That was it. The wing got stuck on top of the car."

Gillespie said everyone got off the plane and the airline made other arrangements for them.

"Definitely nobody on the plane was injured by it," he said.

The car was a Sky Chef vehicle. Sky Chef is hired by airlines to provide food to planes.

Delta Airlines is investigating who is responsible for the collision.

Car hits plane DTW 2
Photo from Sky 4