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Joe Biden in Detroit April 20

Biden to speak in Detroit on Labor Day

Biden will make his 15th trip to Michigan since taking office to speak following the Labor Day parade.

Dianne Feinstein

Brian Yaklyvich/CNN

Obama's 'cautious' approach on ISIS is panned

After President Barack Obama said he didn't yet have a strategy for ISIS in Syria, even a Democrat on Sunday criticized the President's approach to fighting the extremist terror group.

There's been the expected GOP criticism: Rep. Adam Kinzinger,…

Detroit woman's water cut off

Detroit water shutoffs timeline

Local 4 has been reporting on water system's plans to shut off service to delinquent customers since April. Here's how the story has unfolded.

Richard Baird

Top Snyder aide claimed tax exemption on 2 homes

If there’s any doubt it’s campaign season, this should put it to rest -- the Michigan Democratic Party went digging into the taxes of top Rick Snyder appointee Rich Baird.


Courts won't put Socialists on Michigan ballot

Political parties must get a certain number of votes in a previous election or collect a certain number of signatures.

Social Security Administration

Floyd Yarmuth/CNN

Michigan, US to partner to target disability fraud

The state of Michigan and the federal government are partnering to launch a new unit to investigate and crack down on Social Security disability fraud.

Rick Snyder, Mark Schauer

Duel between Snyder, Schauer competitive

The primary election is over and now the gloves are off in the two top-of-the-ticket races in Michigan. Multiple polls in a row are now showing the duel between Rick Snyder and Mark Schauer is competitive.



Arnold Schwarzenegger, 2010


Athletes who became politicians

After enjoying successful athletic careers, these notable sports figures opted to run for public office.

Abraham Lincoln

Library of Congress

Republican Party history

The Republican Party is the second oldest currently existing political party in the U.S. behind the Democratic Party. Take a look at a timeline of the key dates, events, leaders and policies that make up the history of the Republican Party.

Bush wins 2000 blurb

Juda Ngwenya/Reuters

5 closest U.S. presidential elections

Here are five of the closest presidential races in U.S. history since 1840 as compiled by Yahoo!.

School Closings

No closings were found at this time.

Information for voters

Michigan's Secretary of State

Find information on elections happening throughout Michigan.

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