2:13 p.m. – Tucker and Mitchell enter courtroom:

Both are stone faced, no emotion

Mike McCarthy – identified as Young’s attorney

Mitch Ribitwer – identified as Tucker’s attorney

First person to testify:

Ian Zinderman , 20 years old (Not sure on spelling)

He is currently homeless, staying with friends

Asked to identify Tucker in the courtroom

Asked to identify Young in the courtroom

Testified he knew Tucker since elementary school

Testified he had only met Young 2 weeks ago and knew him by “Roderick.”

Testified he had a discussion with Tucker and Young about “doing a job for money” “possibly killing a family.”

They didn’t say which family they were talking about

Tucker offered Zinderman some money to help out to be a “Getaway driver or possibly helping cover up.”

“I was supposed to get a share of the money.”

1/3 of the share

“I would take home $1,000.”

Prosecution asked about specific date -April 15 – said he was at a friends house “Willams residence.”

They were sitting in a blue Ford truck talking about how to get money to get “spice” the drug

Decided to go to the house and get money or anything we found to buy it

Plan was to break in, Tucker was going to find dad’s wallet to get cash to get gas money and money for drugs. Then drive to Keego Harbor.

Showed pictures of Cipriano home, asked to identify it.

Testified he “boosted” Tucker so he could open a screen

After Tucker gets into the house

“I sit out and wait.”