The three drive to Keego Harbor

Tucker was going to run away to Mexico

Once he heard all of this, witness says he thought:  “If they want to fuck up their life, they can do it on their own accord.”

“Don’t’ bring me into it.”

Witness asks to be dropped off

The three drive to Keego Harbor

Witness says he saw blood on Tucker’s clothes

Witness goes to sleep at friends house

Witness says he woke up and saw Tucker in the bathroom with blood on his shirt.

Clothes had rips on them, saw wounds that looked like dog bites on him

Witness says Tucker was talking about burning shirt

After that, group of friends smoke bag of spice, then go back to sleep

Witness wakes up and says Tucker asks him to “get rid of the truck” because it was “drawing attention to the house.”

Witness says Tucker told him to throw out knife that was under the seat

Witness says he was told to drive truck to Ferndale and leave it

Witness says he was arrested when he got into truck, he was arrested along with a friend named Samantha.

Undercover police pull up and arrested them.

Police cuffed them and asked where Tucker was.

“I told them he was at Sam’s house.”

Gave police the address

Defense attorney Mike McCarthy questions Zinderman

McCarthy asks witness where he sat while he was riding in the blue truck with Young and Tucker. Witness says he sat in middle and Young drove the whole night during the two times they went to Cipriano house and broke in.

Witness has grant of immunity in case – May 17. Witness is not being charged with anything, but McCarthy asks him if he knew that he could have been facing a first-degree home invasion charge.

“So you can speak freely today and not have to worry about having anything you say used against you,” McCarthy says.

McCarthy said the immunity is only for in the courtroom – not for outside. And that if anything anyone else said against Zinderman could be used against him.