Prosecution disagrees, says the immunity covers everything.

McCarthy asks how the witness got two pairs of latex gloves in his pocket. Witness says he doesn’t know how they got there.

-McCarthy asks Zinderman why he went with Tucker and Young to break in when he testified that he didn’t smoke the “spice” drug

Witness says, “I don’t like it.”

McCarthy asks witness if thought something was wrong

McCarthy asks witness what he thought when he saw the blood, was asked to ditch the truck or asked to throw a knife away.

McCarthy said witness’ testimony benefits him solely because he gets to avoid home invasion and accessory accusations.

Witness says he went with Tucker and Young because he didn’t want to be in the friends house alone.

“Do you have other trouble with the truth?”

“No, sir.”

Defense attorney Mitch Ribitwer questions Zinderman

Asks how many times he met with prosecutor, asked if he had time to “rehearse” the things he was going to say.

Asked witness if he had seen any police reports, or seen any videos that would prepare him for his testimony

Ribitwer asked if he had learning disabilities.

Witness says he has ADHD and math disorder

Asked why witness responded 15 times or more “I do not recall.”

Asked if he was scared on the stand
“Yes, I am.”

Admits he is somewhat mixed up

Ribitwer asks witness if the first break-in was a “trial run” for the real attack

Witness says he was “intimidated” by officer and may have been mixed up information

“I don’t recall lying.”

Ribitwer accuses Zinderman of being involved (conspiracy to commit murder) by agreeing to be getaway driver.

“I never agreed to be the getaway driver,” says Zinderman.

Ribitwer asks him if he is testifying because he knows that he will get off the hook for complying.

“I’m testifying because it’s the right thing to do,” Zinderman says.