Ribitwer asks witness if he saw Tucker consuming “spice” throughout the night they were together. Witness says yes.

Ribitwer said police report says Zinderman originally told police he had bought the truck in Ferndale. “That was a lie,” Ribitwer said.

“Yes,” said Zinderman.

Ribitwer asks Zinderman why he didn’t call right away and why he went did TV interviews.

“Running your mouth” Ribitwer said.

Zinderman said he did it because he knew Tucker was locked up.

Prosecution follows up questioning of Zinderman

Prosecutor asks Zinderman if he thought Tucker and Young were serious.

“No,” said Zinderman.

Zinderman said he is scared because he is facing Tucker in court.

“I’ve always been afraid of Tucker. He’s unpredictable. I’m just afraid of him,” Zinderman said.