Macomb          48.0%              42.05               10.0% 

Wayne             54.3%              30.0%              15.7%

Detroit             62.5%              20.0% 

Proposal 4

Proposal 4 would amend the state constitution to establish the Michigan Quality Home Care Council and provide collective bargaining for in-home care workers.  This proposal would allow in home care workers to bargain collectively with the Michigan Quality Home Care Council.  Continue the current exclusive representative of in-home care workers until modified in accordance with labor laws.  Require the Michigan Quality Home Care Council to provide training for in home care workers, create a registry of workers who pass background checks, and provide financial services to patients to manage the cost of in home care.  Preserve patients rights to hire in home care workers who are not referred by the council registry who are bargaining unit members.  Authorize the council to set minimum compensation standards and terms and conditions of employment.    Should this proposal be approved?


Yes              56.2%

No               28.3%

Don’t Know 15.3%

A closer look

Yes                  No                   DK

UP/North         52.6%              34.6%              12.8%

West               56.7%              31.3%              11.9%

Southwest        58.0%              22.0%              20.0% 

Mid                  34.6%              38.5%              25.0%

E Central          53.2%              25.5%              21.3% 

Oakland           53.2%              32.9%              13.9% 

Macomb          66.0%              24.0%              10.0%

Wayne             70.0%              18.6%              11.4%

Detroit              80.0%              5.0%