Factor                                                  Gingrich            Paul                  Santorum          Romney

Strong Moral Character                        4.4%                11.0%              47.0%             28.8%

Clear Vision for America                      16.8%              14.8%              22.8%              27.4%

Strong Leader                                      21.4%              5.6%                15.8%              38.0%

Can Beat Barack Obama                      11.0%              3.4%                18.4%              42.2%

Share My Positions                               12.6%              10.6%              36.8%             23.2%

Can beat Barack Obama


Strong moral character


Strong leader



When we asked voters which of those characteristics was MOST important to them in selecting a nominee:



We looked at which factor was most important in selecting a nominee for respondents, and then checked to see how people selecting that factor planned to vote. 

Among the 25.4% of voters that said beating Barack Obama was the most important factor, Rick Santorum holds a 44.1%-31.5% lead over Mitt Romney.  And Santorum holds a 42.0%-27.1% lead over Romney among people who think a strong moral character is the most important factor.

But Romney holds a commanding 46.3%-21.4% lead among people who think a strong leader is the most important factor.


Factor                                               Santorum                      Romney

Strong Moral Character                         42.0%                         27.1%

Clear Vision for America                      30.1%                         26.2%

Strong Leader                                      21.4%                        46.3%

Can Beat Barack Obama                       44.1%                        31.5%