Don’t Know                 10.0%

And which strategy do you support for Medicare?   Would you say we need to maintain the current system of benefits or should benefits be a fixed amount of money that help people purchase coverage. 

Current system of benefits 45.0%

Fixed amount of money        21.8%

Don’t Know                        32.2%

When it comes to choosing candidates for office, how important is their position on Medicare to you?  Would you say it is extremely important, somewhat important, somewhat not important or not important at all?

Extremely important      40.8%

Somewhat important      46.3%

Somewhat not important  7.8%

Not important at all          4.2%

If the election for United States Senator was held today and Debbie Stabenow was the Democratic candidate and Pete Hoekstra was the Republican candidate, would you vote for Pete Hoekstra or Debbie Stabenow to be United States Senator for Michigan? 

Definitely Stabenow 42.3%

Probably Stabenow       5.8%

Lean Stabenow             2.0%

Definitely Hoekstra      29.7%

Probably Hoekstra        6.0%

Lean Hoekstra             1.8%

Undecided                  11.5%

A closer look:

Debbie Stabenow


                        Favorable        No Opinion     Unfavorable    Never

N Mich            39.7%              21.8%              38.5%              0.0%