Michigan's General Election is scheduled for Nov. 6.

Ahead of election day The Glengariff Group, Inc. conducted a 600-sample survey of likely 2012 Michigan General Election voters.  The live operator telephone survey was conducted from August 18-20, 2012.  80% of the survey respondents were contact via land-line.  20% of survey respondents were contacted via cell phone.  The survey has a margin of error of +/-4.0% with a 95% level of confidence.  This survey was commissioned by WDIV Local 4, the Detroit News.

Are you voting?

Thinking about the upcoming November election, would you say are definitely voting, probably voting, probably not voting, definitely not voting, or would you say you have already voted absentee?

Governor Snyder's performance

By a margin of 48.3%-39.3%, voters approve of the job Rick Snyder is doing as Governor of Michigan. 

  • Governor Snyder has 72.6% approval among strong Republicans, 71.4% support among leaning Republicans and 54.0% support among Independent voters.
  • But Governor Snyder also has 34.2% support among leaning Democratic voters and 24.3% support among strong Democrats. 
  • Governor Snyder has job approval among voters over 65 years old of 49.0%-39.0%.

Favorable         Unfavorable      No Opinion      Never Heard

UP/North         38.5%              30.8%              30.8%              0.0%   

West                38.8%              31.3%              29.9%              0.0%

Southwest        48.0%              42.0%              10.0%              0.0%   

Mid                  44.2%              32.7%              19.2%              1.9%

E Central          29.8%              42.6%              27.7%              0.0%

Oakland           51.9%              30.4%              16.5%              1.3%

Macomb          48.0%              28.0%              24.0%              0.0%

Emergency Manager Law

Voters were asked if they would vote yes to uphold Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law or no to overturn Michigan’s

Emergency Manager Law, by a margin of 53.0%-33.0% voters would vote to uphold Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law.  13.7% of voters are undecided

  • The Emergency Manager Law has 69.3% support in Oakland County, 64.0% support in Macomb County, and 50.0% support in Wayne County.  In the City of Detroit, the Emergency Manager Law would be overturned by a margin of 30.0%-52.5%.  17.5% of Detroit voters are undecided. 
  • The Emergency Manager Law receives strong support from strong Republicans (63.4%), leaning Republicans (62.5%), and Independents (57.4%).  Leaning Democratic voters would overturn the law by a margin of 39.0%-51.2% and strong Democratic voters would overturn the law by a narrow margin of 42.8%-44.9%.

Ballot Proposals:  Bridge proposal weakest/ tax limitation proposal strongest

Five different ballot proposals were presented in the survey.  It is important to note that not all of the proposals have been approved for the November ballot.  Additionally, specific ballot language has not yet been approved.  Ballot language for purposes of this survey were taken from each proposal’s petition

Proposal requiring two-thirds legislative support of the Legislature