An exclusive Local 4 and Detroit News political poll shows a five-point spread in favor of President Barack Obama among Michigan voters has widened to 14 points.

President Obama now has a double-digit lead in Michigan over Republican candidate Mitt Romney: 52 percent to 38 percent.

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The poll was conducted just as Romney's 47 percent comments made national headlines. Yes, the comments had an impact on the poll results. However, there is more to it, according to political pollster Richard Czuba.

"Clearly we are seeing a very successful Democratic National Convention for the state of Michigan. Is this just a bounce?" Czuba said.

Are the presidential numbers just an aberration? Judging by the numbers for U.S. Senate, the answer is no.

Democrat Debbie Stabenow is charging ahead of Republican Pete Hoekstra. Her double-digit lead is even higher than Obama's. She is up 16 points -- 49.7 percent to Hoekstra's 33.8 percent.

Fueling the split are women who identified themselves as independent voters but have gone to the Democrats since the conventions. The President has Michigan women voters at 57 percent. Romney has just 36 percent. Women are killing the GOP in Michigan.

The county breakdown is shifting, too. Previously, Romney was up six points in Macomb County. Now, Obama is up in double digits in Macomb. Oakland County is the bright spot for Romney where he essentially is in a tie with Obama. The President has Wayne County by double digits, according to the survey.

The question: Are the Democratic leads sustainable?

Czuba has a word of caution about how things can drastically change.

"Let me say this: Our poll has (Romney) losing right now by double digits. At this time in 1990, John Engler was losing by 26 points and he won on election day. Comebacks are possible," the pollster said.