State proposal 12-3

Here’s how you can dissect it.

proposal 12 3 state break down


These are words you’ll frequently see on proposals.  They mean one thing when you’re talking to your friends and something else when you’re voting on a proposal. 

AMEND: To change. 

AUTHORIZE: Approve. 

CHARTER: The original document and principals in which your  government,  county municipality or jurisdiction was founded.  It’s similar to a constitution. 

GRANT: To allow. 

INVALIDATE:  To render something useless or take away power. 

MILL OR MILLAGE: The amount per $1,000 that is used to calculate taxes on property. Millage rates are most often found in personal property taxes.
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CALCULATING YOUR MILLAGE: Find the assessed value of your property.  Let’s say, your taxable value is $70,000 or “70 thousands.” For our example, let’s say that the county wants to adopt  a millage rate of 14.000.  Multiply your taxable value in thousands (70) by the millage rate. 70 times 14.0 equals 980; in other words, your county property tax  would equal $980 for that mill. 

OVERRIDE:  To give authorization to ignore. It’s similar to going over someone’s head to get something done.  It means you cancel out what’s there and render it powerless. 

REFERENDUM: Proposal to remove an existing law. 

REQUIRE:  Mandatory. 

RESTORE:  To bring back. 

VOTE: Do it.  If you don’t understand something, find out about it, don’t ignore it.  It’s what makes this country the best country to live in because we all have a voice and that voice is our vote.