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Flashpoint 2

Flashpoint: Officials examine potential for Detroit growth

James Craig, Kym Worthy and Benny Napolean discuss why so many people are leaving Detroit and ways to change that.

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Flashpoint: Craig, Worthy, Napoleon discuss Detroit crime

DPD Chief James Craig, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy and Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon together for the first time, on the challenges of reducing crime.  And Slow Roll co-founder Jason Hall on where his Apple ad is taking him.

Flashpoint 3

Flashpoint: Jason Hall on his Apple commercial appearance

Detroiter Jason Hall talks about biking in Detroit and  his recent appearance in an Apple iPad commercial.

flashpoint for 9-7 WEB

Flashpoint: Detroit bankruptcy and the governor's race

On the Sept. 7, 2014 episode of Flashpoint, Devin sat down with GOP strategist Paul Welday, pollster Steve Mitchell, former Detroit City Councilwoman Shelia Cockrel, and mayoral appointee Portia Roberson.

flashpoint for 9-7 WEB

Flashpoint Web Extra: Fare-ye-well old set

After Sunday's Flashpoint, the panel bid farewell to the venerable show's old set.

Flashpoint 8 31 14

Flashpoint 8/31/14

Devin Scillian examines critical issues surrounding Metro Detroit in this week's roundtable discussion.

First Block New restaurants coming to Detroit

First Block: New restaurants coming to Detroit

In our primetime special "First Block," we talk to three culinary leaders about the new and exciting tastes coming to Detroit.

Flashpoint 8 24 14

Flashpoint 8/24/14

What Ferguson, MO says about life in 2014, and a preview of Detroit’s bankruptcy trial.

Flashpoint 8 17 14 Filmaker Kristian Hill others join show

Flashpoint 8/17/14: Filmmaker Kristian Hill, others join...

Local Chaldeans on how ISIS affects them, plus filmmaker Kristian Hill on losing part of his Detroit music documentary to thieves.


2014 Flashpoint episodes

Previous Flashpoints from 2013

  • Flashpoint 12/29/13

    FlashPoint 12 29 13

    Devin Scillian talks about the week's events in this week's roundtable discussion.

  • FlashPoint 12 22 13

    Flashpoint 12/22/13

    Devin Scillian talks about the week's events in this week's roundtable discussion.

  • FlashPoint 12 15 13

    Flashpoint 12/15/13

    Sandra Ali talks about the week's events in this week's roundtable discussion.

  • Flashpoint 12/8/13: Detroit EM Kevyn Orr

    Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr discusses the city's future as he sees it.

  • Flashpoint 12/1/13

    Devin Scillian talks about the week's events in this week's roundtable discussion.

  • Flashpoint 11/24/13

    Devin Scillian talks about the week's events in this week's roundtable discussion.

  • Tyree on Flashpoint

    Flashpoint web-exclusive: Tyree Guyton, Jenenne Whitfield

    The founder and director of the renowned Heidelberg Project in Detroit sit down with Flashpoint to talk about being artists in the city.

  • Flashpoint 11/17/13: Mike Duggan, the Heidelberg Project

    Mayor-Elect Mike Duggan (@TransitionDET) on his priorities for Detroit and artist Tyree Guyton and Heidelberg Project Executive Director Jenenne Whitfield on art and arson (@HeidelbergProj).

  • FlashPoint: 11/10/13

    Critical national issues affect Detroit.

  • FlashPoint: 11/3/13

    As election day draws near, Benny Napoleon and Mike Duggan vie to become Detroit's next mayor.

  • Flashpoint: 10/27/13

    A little more than a week away from the election, roundtable talks about race and racism as they intersect with politics in Detroit.

  • FlashPoint: Sunday, Oct. 13, 2013

    FlashPoint: Sunday, Oct. 13, 2013

  • Flashpoint 9/29/13

    Not quite all the president's men, but several arrive in Detroit with checkbooks at the ready. Governor Snyder talks about what's coming and then the roundtable discuses whether it's a difference maker for the city.

  • FlashPoint: Mayor says Detroit worse off with EM Orr

    Mayor Dave Bing says Detroit is worse off since Kevyn Orr was appointed Emergency Manager 6 months ago and has advice for the next mayor of Detroit.

  • Flashpoint 5/19/2013

    The round table discusses another busy week in Detroit, after a new chief of police was named and a man was stabbed at a gas station while no one stepped in to help him.

  • Flashpoint 4 14

    Flashpoint 4/14/2013

    The roundtable talks about the regionalization of Detroit and what Kevyn Orr's axe will slice first.

  • Robert Ficano Flashpoint

    Flashpoint 4/7/2013

    Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano on his budget battles, plus the roundtable.

  • Flashpoint 4/21/2013

    Detroit schools are becoming the incredible shrinking district, but Roy Roberts has a sweeping new plan he believes can change that.

  • Flashpoint 4/28/2013

    The roundtable tackles topics on Detroit Mayor Bing's potential re-election to Michigan’s no fault insurance laws.

  • Flashpoint 5/5/2013

    The round table talks about companies funding schools and buses and the sister of a Michigan man imprisoned in Iran more than a year talk about the family's pleas for his freedom. Visit

  • Flashpoint 5/19/2013

    The round table discusses another busy week in Detroit, after a new chief of police was named and a man was stabbed at a gas station while no one stepped in to help him.

  • Flashpoint 9/15/13

    Should you pay more when you shop online? Plus a local hamburger joint paying its employees $15 an hour.

  • Flashpoint 9/8/13

    Rep. Mike Rogers discusses Syria and a new kind of business conference.

  • Flashpoint 9/1/13

    Detroit Public School's emergency manager Jack Martin is here to talk about the school year ahead and the roundtable will take on common core, Medicaid expansion and more.

  • Flashpoint web exclusive: 8/11/13

    More roundtable on Kevyn Orr’s controversial comments to the Wall Street Journal.

  • Flashpoint 7/28/13

    From money pit to entertainment destination, developers set their eyes on a piece of Detroit.

  • Flashpoint 7/7/13

    A conversation about Detroit's finances and the Detroit City FC.

  • Flashpoint 6/30/2013

    The roundtable takes a look at the incredible shrinking Detroit City Council including the disappearance of Charles Pugh, and can Mike Duggan's write-in campaign for Detroit mayor really work?

  • Flashpoint 6/23/13

    The round table panel talks about the residency rules that tripped up Mike Duggan’s run for mayor and the huge downtown development that doesn't seem to fear the prospect of bankruptcy.

  • Flashpoint 6/2/2013

    Michigan’s business and political leaders gather for the annual conclave on Mackinac Island.

  • Flashpoint 3/31/13

    Flashpoint talks with Detroit's new emergency financial manager and a businessman's big plans to transform the city.

  • Levin FB

    Flashpoint 3/24/2013: Levin's decision

    Sen. Carl Levin talks with Flashpoint about his decision not to run again.

  • Flashpoint 3/10/13

    Detroit City Council members on the case they'll make in Lansing, plus Cardinal Adam Maida on choosing the next Pope.

  • Flashpoint 3/3/13: Snyder's EFM decision

    More in-depth discussion from the roundtable on Detroit's future after Gov. Snyder's emergency financial manager decision for Detroit

  • Flashpoint 2/24/13

    Devin Scillian looks at two highly anticipated decisions in Detroti, Gov. Snyder's decision on an EFM and the jury is still out in the Kwame Kilpatrick federal corruption trial.

  • Flashpoint 2/17/13

    Mayor Bing expands on the State of the City, plus our roundtable on how much Detroit controls its own future.

  • Flashpoint 2/10/12

    The Governor's budget priorities, Democratic Party politics, and experts on Kwame Kilpatrick's future.

  • Web exclusive: Flashpoint 2/3/13

    Devin Scillian talks about proposed changes to the Electoral College.

  • Flashpoint 2/3/13

    Devin Scillian talks with three members from Detroit City Council about recent decisions made.

  • Flashpoint: 1/27/13

    From Belle Isle to the Greektown Casino, we talk about changes on the horizon and what's best for Detroit.

  • Flashpoint 1/20/13

    The roundtable on Gov. Rick Snyder's State of the State, gun control, and the Kwame Kilpatrick trial.  Plus, a tour of the can't-miss cars at the Auto Show.

  • Flashpoint 1/13/13

    Devin Scillian talks with the architects of Detroit Future City and has the latest on the Kwame Kilpatrick trial.

  • Screen shot 2013-01-06 at 12

    Flashpoint 1/6/2013: Rob Parker's explanation

    This weekend's episode starts with an explanation from Rob Parker.

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