I want to express my thanks and gratitude to the many colleagues, past and present, who have worked with me for civil rights and equity for all, cleaner water, for cleaner air, to protect consumers, to expand our nation's energy supply, and—above all—to make sure that every person in the United States has access to affordable health care.

And to my dear friend and wise adviser, whose wisdom, goodness, and caring have made it possible to serve with compassion and skill. Who has done so much to give me strength and comfort in my service and whose wisdom has lighted my way thru the difficult challenges I have faced as I have serve you. I want to express my thanks and gratitude to the Lovely Deborah. She has been tireless, devoted, and worked just as hard—if not harder—for this district throughout the years.

And of course, I express my thanks and gratitude to the people of Michigan for letting Deborah and I serve them, and for the support and friendship and trust we have experienced in this wonderful job.

My friends, that begins with you.  Thank you.

But for now, let me tell you how much I love you all.  We have fought many battles over the years as we tried to do what was right for the families who live here.  We've been through tough times and have emerged, battered and bruised, but stronger for the fight.

Let me close with this:  I am not leaving Congress.  I am coming home to Michigan.

Thank you.