Does Warren Evans meet the residency requirements to run for Wayne County Executive? His answer is a definitive yes, while other campaigns are questioning his credentials behind the scenes.

If you want to run for any countywide office in Wayne County the language is clear: You must be a registered voter in the county 30 days before the filing deadline for that office, and the filing deadline was Tuesday -- all countywide offices except county executive.

Political henchman behind the scenes are questioning Evans' credentials to run because he changed his residency this past Monday from Washtenaw County to an apartment in Detroit.

"I have a change of address," Evans told Local 4's Mara MacDonald on Monday night.

Evans said he views this as just a bunch of noise, and his advisers said the law is on their side.

Why is the county executive not included with the rest of the county offices which require that 30 day residency? A legal expert told Local 4 because the executive position was created well after those other offices.

His take on the disparity in requirements between the executive position and the rest of the countywide political offices? Basically a loophole.

Evans told Local 4 he's unconcerned with this maneuver and will vigorously defend his campaign if any legal challenge is filed.

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Published On: Apr 21 2014 12:14:10 PM EDT   Updated On: Apr 21 2014 06:01:20 PM EDT

Embattled Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano will face a crowded field in this summer's Democratic primary. Ficano is running for a fourth term as county exec. State Rep. Phil Cavanagh, former Sheriff Warren Evans, County Commissioner Kevin McNamara, and Westland Mayor Bill Wild have also announced their candidacies. The primary is scheduled for August 5, 2014.

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Candidate: Phil Cavanagh

Current job: State Representative (10th District)

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