The Rev. Wendell Anthony's Fannie Lou Hamer Political Action Committee has announced its endorsement of Wayne County Executive Bob Ficano's re-election bid.

"We believe that Robert Ficano, who has served this county for 20 years as its Sheriff, 12 years as the Wayne County Executive, a leader in the Cobo Hall expansion which is bringing new money and new conventions to our city, is a leader in regional cooperation not in regional subjugation. He has led the way to reduce budget costs starting with his own staff and is moving in a new direction to construct a new jail for this county, which by the way the decision to cease the current construction, was made by his administration, deserves our support," the PAC said in a statement released Monday.

Additionally, the Hamer PAC has also endorsed Rep. John Conyers' reelection bid and Hansen Clarke's campaign to replace Gary Peters' in Congress.

READ: The Fannie Lou Hamer PAC's full endorsement statement.