A well-known spiritual and community leader in Detroit has been charged with domestic violence.

Police said the Rev. Horace Sheffield got into a confrontation with his wife, Diana Solomon, on Jan. 10.

The two filed for divorce in November.

Solomon had been away for a couple of weeks and had gone back to the home to pick up some belongings. That's when things got ugly. When Sheffield's wife went to call 911, Sheffield grabbed the phone from her, police said.

Police said Sheffield's wife wasn't physically hurt, but it's a crime to prevent someone from calling 911.

Sheffield is charged with two misdemeanors: domestic violence assault and battery and preventing a crime report.

The 59-year-old turned himself in on Thursday, was arraigned and released on bond.

"A cell phone? He's being charged with domestic violence? That's over the top. But he'll deal with it. He's gonna get through with this thing and him and his wife they're gonna have to solve this issue," Adolph Mongo told Local 4. Mongo is Sheffield's friend, political adviser and spokesman.

Sheffield is the pastor at New Destiny Baptist Church. His daughter, Mary, is also on the Detroit City Council.