Southeast Michigan saw a slight decrease in the number of traffic crashes in 2012, according to data released by the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG).

There were 122,832 traffic crashes in the region in 2012. That's a little more than a 1-percent decrease from 124,527 in 2011.

Despite the decrease in overall crashes, the number of deadly crashes increased more than 6 percent from 340 in 2011 to 361 in 2012.

Injury crashes decreased from 35,557 to 35,433 in the seven-county region, according to SEMCOG's data.

Motorcycle-related crashes increased more than 17 percent from 1,131 to 1,326; bicycle-related crashes increased from 858 to 936 (9 percent) in 2012. Alcohol-related, drug-related, and older-driver-related crashes in Southeast Michigan in 2012 all increased more than one percent.

To view SEMCOG's complete report on traffic crash data in 2012 go here.