Just two months into her lease at the Providence Tower Apartments, Raina Johnson wants to pack her bags.

The ceiling is crumbling in her living room and bathroom. And that's not all.

"The mirror and medicine cabinet fell off the wall. I guess there was water behind there," she said.

It was caused by water leaks above her unit.

You can see the water spilling into her apartment in pictures. Since December, her apartment has been flooded three times because of pipes bursting. It happened two times last week with the arctic temperatures.

"It was just rain pouring down everywhere. I could just sit here. All I could do was sit here and look at it," she said.

She says she contacted the property manager for help fixing the damage but so far all she's gotten is broken promises.

"(I am told) they will take care of it or someone will be up. 'Someone is busy,'" she said.

Now she's afraid that she could wake up one night with her ceiling on top of her. She wants out before it's too late.

"That's the big concern, that it's going to get worse while it's just sitting there and not getting taken care of. I am afraid that is going to come through," she said.

Even if they do give her another unit in this building, she's going to turn them down. She's been frustrated with how they have handled this situation.

Local 4 contacted the regional property manager for Providence Tower Apartments. He says they're working as quickly as possible to repair all the damage in the building caused by pipes that froze during last week's polar vortex.