An employee at a Sterling Heights condo property management company is charged with embezzlement.

 Cranbrook Property Management is responsible for more than as dozen condominium associations across metro Detroit.

Mary Ellen McCabe, who worked at the company as an account manager, is accused of embezzling money over a four-year period.

Sterling Heights police Lt. Luke Riley said McCabe is alleged to have written about 250 checks to herself since 2009.

"They were cashed at banks, party stores and check cashing services, things like that. I have no idea what she was spending the money on," Riley said.

Lt. Riley said an investigation began last December when the company began getting calls about unpaid bills.

"I imagine it's something that kind of got to the point she wasn't able to keep things current enough to prevent people from complaining," Riley said.

McCabe is due in court for a preliminary examination hearing on the charges against her.

Cranbrook Property Management and the condo associations it serves will get their money back. They are insured.