Social media can be addictive. It's a slippery slope. If you disconnect for a few days, your inbox or Twitter stream starts to pile up with missed news and events.

A syndrome commonly referred to as Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) may be the culprit.

A new survey conducted by revealed 56% of people are afraid of missing out on events, news, and important tweets and status updates if they are away from their social networks.

26% said they would trade habits such as smoking or reality TV for access to their social sites.

About 51% of people visit or log on more frequently than they did just two years ago. 27% go right to their social sites as soon as they wake up.

People are managing more accounts as well. About 42% of participants have multiple accounts - and that jumps to 61% for those between 18 and 34.

52% of participants said they have considered taking a vacation from one or more social accounts in the past year, only 24% said they would actually follow through.

Why? FOMO.

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