Supreme Court: Family of murdered girl can't sue Wackenhut Corp.

High court rules against family of Janet Chandler who was raped, murdered in 1979 by security guards

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WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court won't let the family of a raped and murdered college girl sue the employer of her killers for her 1979 death.
The high court on Monday refused to let the parents of Janet Chandler sue Wackenhut Corp., which in 1979 was hired to send security guards to Holland, Mich., to provide security during a strike.
Chandler, who was a 23-year-old college student working at a hotel, was kidnapped, raped and killed by Wackenhut guards, who then covered up her death.

Six people were convicted of first or second degree murder, five of whom worked for Wackenhut.

But the federal courts have said Chandler's family cannot sue Wackenhut for her long-ago death.
The high court refused to reconsider that ruling.

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