Canton Township police say a 17-year-old male student brought marijuana-laced chocolate bars into Plymouth High School.

A 17-year-old female student ate one of them Monday afternoon. According to a school spokesperson, the teen became ill and called 911 herself. She was taken to a nearby hospital, treated and released.

Police came to the high school and arrested the other student. They say he had several more marijuana bars. Police went to his home and found about 50 more.

Lab tests are pending on the recovered material.

Earlier this month, three students in West Middle School, which is in the same school district, were disciplined for buying or selling brownies with marijuana.

The district sent this note to parents:

"While we are able to report that all parties are safe, we do ask for your support in discouraging your student from ingesting harmful or unknown substances, reminding them to be aware of what they put into their bodies, and discussing the consequences associated with those actions."