A 17-year-old driver is charged with the 2012 pedestrian death of a 42-year-old Monroe Township mother.

Shelly Marie Deaton was watching her daughter walk to the school bus last October when she was struck and killed by a car on Nobel Ave.

Watch: Monroe mother killed by car near school bus stop

Driver Caitlin Hommerson was also on her way to school that morning; her sister a passenger in the car.

Police say Hommerson's vehicle went off the roadway in the residential neighborhood and hit Deaton who was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Neither sister was hurt in the accident.

Michigan State Police say they believed speed was a factor in the death and Hommerson is now charged with one count of a moving violation causing death.

Hommerson could face up to a year in prison if she is found guilty.

She is scheduled to be in court on August 28th.