Two teen girls are recovering from minor injuries after their riding lawn mower was rear-ended by a Porsche near 16 Mile and Harper.

The tire tracks across the lawn on Glenwood in Clinton Township tell a scary story of what could have happened. Clinton Township police say the girls, ages 15 and 13, were standing next to the lawn mower with attached tractor when a driver crashed into the back of it sending the girls flying.

Neighbor Don Rosignol saw it'll happen in real time. "I heard this screech and just instantly looked up and saw the car come and just blast right into the tractor and trailer."

There was gravel in the road in front of the girls' home so they moved the mower into the street and were sweeping next to it, not sitting on it, which may have saved their lives.

"It just flipped the tractor right up into the air and the trailer too. The one girl flew over here, the other one just behind and the one tried to walk she want back down because she couldn't walk, "said Rosignol.

One of the girls was transported to the hospital with a possible broken leg. The Porsche Cayenne came to rest on the lawn near an old tree; police say the driver looked down at the wrong time.

While the girls were screaming and waiting for the ambulance Rosignol says he asked the unidentified female driver what happened.

"She has the gall to tell me 'I just looked down for a second. I'm going to the doctor's office' and I told the lady what were you looking down at and I asked her were you looking down at your phone and she says no. I looked and she's got a screen built into her dash, " Rosignol said.

Police are still investigating the accident.