Interviews with Tucker Cipriano were recorded.

McCarthy: Young told a detective that his jaw was dislocated by Tucker Cipriano and that he was afraid of him? 

Wehby:  We don't know who did it.  It could have been Bob, Rose or Sal Cipriano.

Yes, he did say he was afraid of him.

Ian Zinderman testified he was afraid of Tucker Cipriano

McCarthy asks about Young's demeanor during the preliminary exam June 8th.

Wehby: It wasn't the question that caught me off guard.  It was the demeanor.  He was near tears, upset.  That's what I thought was odd.  Then he turned it off immediately and asked question with smile on his face.  I thought that was odd.

McCarthy: You didn't see him cry in courtroom?

Wehby: I was not looking to see if actual tears were falling.  It appeared he was near tears. 

McCarthy asks witness if Young was cooperative during the instigation and told you Tucker did everything in the attack on Bob Cipriano. 

Wehby: Yes. That a bat was used.

Prosecutor is now detailing the break-ins, thefts and spending the money to undercut defense's storyline that Young was consistently cooperative.

More cross-examination from McCarthy, who is attempting to create reasonable doubt about Young's incriminating statements by showing there was no recording of interview with detectives.

Wehby: I did not see blood on his pants at hospital.  His clothing had been removed.  I was shown photos on a detective's phone.  I did not ask about it specifically.

Young changed his story about who was driving the truck to Cipriano home, first telling investigators he drove, then saying Tucker drove.

You were asked if Young moved any bodies.   

Wehby: No, he didn't say whether he moved bodies. I can only say there were drag marks on scene leading to stairs.  I did not see it prior to talking to Young.  I did not ask him about it.

Did you ask for written statement?  

Wehby: No, I don't believe so.

Tucker Cipriano pleads guilty

--Tucker Cipriano

WATCH: Tucker Cipriano's interview with police read in court

Testimony from a friend of Tucker Cipriano has already testified that there was a plot

First responders have described a gruesome scene in the Cipriano Farmington Hills home.

The jury has seen graphic photos from the Cipriano home including images of the alleged injuries to Young's face after the attack.