Repairs are underway Thursday at a Walgreens at Plymouth and Evergreen roads on Detroit's west side. They’re repairing the store’s front security gate, sliding glass entrance doors and secondary security gate as customers wait outside.

At about 5 a.m., a team of four men worked to pry up the first security gate. It looks like a can opener has been taken to it. That allowed the men to force open the sliding glass doors and then they worked to break apart a security fence to gain access to the store. 

Once inside, Local 4 has confirmed the men were able to break into cases holding drugs and make off with pharmaceuticals. 

The same Walgreens was hit the same way just two weeks ago.

“We really want these guys” said a Walgreens manager who arrived to check on the store. 

The manager says he’s aware that similar pharmacy break-ins are also being investigated in Southfield, Farmington Hills and Rochester Hills. The manager says police are aware of the rash of break-ins in recent weeks and police are investigating to see if the same crew is responsible for them all.

The employee was unable to provide more details, referring Local 4 to the Walgreens corporation. 

Caught on camera 

The break-in took place above a large, flat screen t-v that serves as a store security monitor informing customers that security is a priority at Walgreens. 

Local 4 asked Walgreens to see the security video to help identify the burglars. 

Jim Grahm of Walgreens Corporate Communications emailed Local 4 with this message: “Thanks for your call about the break-in at a Walgreens store. We generally provide security camera video only when the police request that we do so. We follow their lead on criminal investigations.”

In the dark 

Neighbors blame the city of Detroit for both recent Walgreens break-ins.

It was clear that the crew was able to work on the security gates and take their time, without fear of being detected right in front of the store.

“It’s pitch black out here! We’ve called the city about the lights for 5 weeks with no response!” Mattie Clinton told Local 4.

Walgreens at plymouth, evergreen