The Michigan Attorney General told county clerks last October that if there is a stay, "You are forbidden by Michigan law from issuing a marriage license to same-sex couples during the pendency of the appeal."

Dubin believes Friedman's ruling could go all the way to the Supreme Court.

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Same-sex marriage could appear on Michigan ballots soon

The expectation for gay marriage to appear on Michigan ballots again is 2016, especially after the last set of numbers commissioned by Lambert, Edwards and Associates in 2013.

Their statewide poll, which asks whether you are in support of overturning Michigan's gay marriage ban or opposed, has some pretty interesting results -- 40 percent of respondents said they support overturning the gay marriage ban but 50 percent are opposed.

Political operatives will tell you that going into a ballot initiative you need to be polling at least in the mid-50 percent range. According to this latest poll, the numbers in Michigan aren’t there yet.

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