Two men have received life prison sentences for shooting and setting fire to a pregnant Detroit woman because one of the men didn't want another child.

A jury in May found 23-year-old Warren residents Jamal Rogers and Antonio Mathis guilty of attempted murder and conspiracy.

On Tuesday, Macomb County Circuit Judge Richard Caretti in Mount Clemens gave the men the maximum sentence of life with the possibility of parole.

"Even though you didn't light the match or pull the trigger you orchestrated perhaps one of the most hence crimes imaginable," said Judge Caretti.

The Warren men were convicted in the May 2012 attack on Latonya Bowman.

Police said Bowman and Rogers -- who is the child’s father -- were at a home in Warren when a gun was put to Bowman's head, she was also blindfolded and bound with duct tape.

Garage where pregnant woman was attacked

--Garage in Warren where victim was attacked

She was then driven in her own SUV to a vacant house in Detroit, doused in lighter fluid and set on fire.

Police said as Bowman tried to roll on the ground to put out the flames, she was shot in the shoulder. As she lay burning and wounded, she played dead until her two attackers fled, police said. She then drove herself to a gas station, then her mother’s house before she was taken to a hospital.
She has since given birth to a baby boy.

"I know I'm here to receive a life sentence and I am dead to society but just like Tonya Bowman I didn't plan this and I will be back," said Mathis in court.

Anthony Mathis and Jamal Rogers

Police say Rogers was Bowman's former boyfriend and wanted her dead because he didn't want another child.