Lisa Puma says she remembers it like it was yesterday. Getting the call her son Tony Velez and his girlfriend Rosie Chiz had been murdered.

Friends and family were reminiscing Thursday night as they held a candlelight vigil to mark the two-year anniversary of the couple's murders.

"Two years of not knowing, not being able to move on," said Lisa.

Puma says Tony had been selling projection TVs on Craigslist. He was contacted for a sale but when he went to make the drop off, Tony and Rosie were taken to a field near Mount Elliott and Miller. Police say they were robbed, beaten and shot execution style.

"Tony was identified by his tattoos. They beat him so bad," said Lisa.

The killer has yet to be caught. But this is one determined mother who won't let this case turn cold as she is fighting for justice for her son Tony and the love of his life.

"Oh I won't stop, won't stop. I don't care if it's 10 years, 20 years, until the day I die, I won't let this rest," she said.