It was the dance-off seen around the globe - and now it has won an award from the Today show. On Tuesday usher Shanon Sailes and 11-year-old Antwain Alexander were given the first-ever Orange Room Award for best digital dance-off.

Sailes has been a popular usher at the Palace since his fancy dance moves were picked up by the Piston's "Dance Cam."

He met his match last month when he was in a dance-off with 11-year-old basketball fan and Flint native, Antwain Alexander.

Their video has seen more than eight million hits since it was posted last month. The two took their friendly competition to the Today Show studio while accepting the award. 

Sailes ultimately decided to settle the dance-off once and for all, crowning Alexander the winner and handing him the Orange Room Award.

"Your family did real good with you. You're an inspiration to me, all the kids your age and adults. I admire you," Sailes said of Alexander. "You make the city of Flint, your hometown, and Detroit look good. People around the world admire you, I know I do."

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