Non-profit organization Friends of the Rouge is looking for people to help clean up the Rouge River at 32 sites in 19 communities on Saturday, June 1. Volunteers will help improve local parks and nature preserves by helping to clean up trash, plant native plants, and remove invasive ones to make sure the river stays clean and beautiful for generations to come.

“I love it… I love the beauty of the Rouge River…" said Gail Barber, Volunteer Steward and Southfield resident. "It’s where I go for peace and rejuvenation and I want to do what I can to make sure that it can stay healthy for my generation and the next."

Friends of the Rouge's annual Rouge Rescue event will provide gloves and compost/ trash bags and "Rouge Rescue" t-shirts. Volunteers are encouraged to wear long sleeves and pants to protect themselves from poison ivy. People are also encouraged to bring helpful items such as water, water, snacks, old shoes/boots, a hat, sunscreen, bug spray and a change of clothes.

To learn more about Friends of the Rouge, visit