The last few minutes of a Wayne County deputy's patrol were anything but typical on Saturday night.

Just before his patrol ended, Sergeant Brian Glatfelter noticed a speeding car running through several red lights on Michigan Avenue. Glatfelter pulled the driver over and discovered the reason for the big hurry. The driver was frantic to get his pregnant wife, who was in the last stages of labor, to Oakwood Hospital.

EMS was called to the scene, but there was no time to wait. Five minuets into the stop and with the assistance of a very anxious dad, Sergeant Glatfelter delivered a baby girl in the front seat of the car.

EMS arrived and mom and baby were transported to the hospital and all are doing well at this hour.

"Our personnel are trained to handle all sorts of situations but it's not everyday they encounter a woman in heavy labor during a routine traffic stop," said Sheriff Benny Napoleon. "Sergeant Glatfelter's intervention and professional training helped this family bring their newborn into the world safely. We're glad he was there to assist and wish them all the best."