Wayne State University Police are investigating at least two armed robberies that have occurred in the past 48 hours just off campus.

Matthew Smyth was held up at gunpoint Thursday afternoon.

"I left my house in Woodbridge walking down Avery toward Grand River," said Smyth.

But thieves were lurking and watching his every move.

"It's really bold," he said.

Bold because it was broad daylight -- 3 p.m. Thursday.

"Two men passed and then one turned around, asked me if I had change for a 10," he said.

Smyth didn't have change for a 10. That's when the thief pulled out his .22.

"Pulled out a sawed off .22 caliber rifle," said Smyth.

It was a stick up and the thief makes a demand.

"'Just give me your money,'" said Smyth.

Smyth handed over all he had -- just 24 bucks.

"I was trying to figure out whether the gun was a high enough caliber to really do damage that was worth $24," said Smyth. "I ended up giving him my money because I didn't have any money to go to the hospital."

Good decision.

Wayne State police are investigating a similar robbery that happened about 10 p.m. Wednesday at Prentis and Second, just steps away from campus.

Smyth says he's been warned about this very crime.

"I've lived in the neighborhood for about 6 years and I'm surprised it's taken me this long to have this happen. Every few months one of my friends gets robbed or mugged," he said.