The Techonomy Detroit 2013 technology conference is here.

More than 500 national and local leaders from technology, business, government and academia will converge on the campus of Wayne State University Tuesday for a one-day public event that focuses on how technology-driven change is changing and challenging the U.S. economy and its cities.

A key theme of this year's event is how tech can be harnessed to expedite revival.

Some of Techonomy's conferences are invite-only retreats, but most of Techonomy Detroit is open to the public.

"Detroit is a symbol of the failures of the U.S. economy and if we cannot revive it, then I fear for the country," said Techonomy founder and noted author David Kirkpatrick. "Detroit is more committed than ever --it has to be-- to creative problem-solving. Tech innovation, entrepreneurship, and creative thinking can combine with faith and elbow grease to move towards a brighter day. Meanwhile, the city becomes an even better place for a big conversation on national priorities."