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Art and paintbrush

iStock Image

Artist finds painting at Goodwill worth thousands

A local artist purchased a $10 painting at a Goodwill store. After doing some research, he found out the painting was worth thousands of dollars.

Domesticated duck

Wikimedia Commons/Johnny Jet

Woman sues after alleged pet duck attack

A woman is suing her mother's neighbor after she claims she was attacked by her pet duck.

Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald gets new style makeover

Ronald McDonald is updating himself with a new look and a new presence on social media.

Postal worker sentenced for hiding mail

US Attorney's office

Postal worker jailed for hiding mail

Newman, Jerry Seinfeld's diabolical nemesis and United States postal worker, was denied his dream transfer to Hawaii when the Post Office discovered he hadn't been delivering a lot of the mail he was supposed to be.

Unfortunately for Brent Morse,…

Jeffery Chapman murder tattoo

Barton County Sheriff's Office via KWCH

Man wants 'murder' tattoo removed before murder trial

A man who has been charged with first-degree murder has requested that he be allowed to cover up or remove his massive neck tattoo that says "murder" before he faces a jury.

Charmelle Henry

Midland Police Department

Texas woman jailed over corn dog

A Texas woman is arrested after police say she threatened the lives of restaurant workers over a corn dog.

Zachery Logsdon

Knox County Sheriff's Office via WBIR

Cops: Man fakes kidnapping; mom won't pay ransom

Police in Tennessee say a man's fake kidnapping scheme backfired when his mom refused to pay the $200 ransom.

Water Gen atmospheric generator

Courtesy of Water-Gen

This machine makes drinking water from thin air

Water. A vital nutrient, yet one that is inaccessible to many worldwide.

Christina Summitt tip dog surgery

Courtesy of Christina Summitt

Man leaves $1,000 tip for dog's surgery

Good people, not to mention good tippers, do exist.

spinach vegetable leaves

Bart Hickman/SXC

Woman finds bird leg in bagged spinach

An Ohio woman says she's disgusted after finding a bird leg in her Dole bagged spinach.


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