Oakland County Sheriff's deputies are looking for a man who, they say, attacked a 26-year-old woman who was exercising in Bloomer Park.

"We usually run in from the Onyx, which is a mile and half, and do sets of stairs and run back out," said Sarah McKay.

Deputies say the victim was exercising on the stairs when the man approached the her, claiming he needed help finding his was back to the main road.

As the suspect and the woman walked into a wooded area, the suspect pushed the victim to the ground. The victim fought back, kicking the man in the shins. The man then ran away and the woman called for help.

Unfortunately, deputies could not track the suspect down.

"There's a lot of entry points," said McKay. "There's a lot of exit points. Because of that, people can get in and out really easy."

The victim described her attacker as Middle Eastern, in his early 20s and about 5 feet 7 inches tall. She also described him as wearing a black North Face jacket and black pants with vertical stripes on each leg.

The victim and her friend say they have never felt unsafe in Bloomer Park until now, and that they plan on paying closer attention to their steps.

"Make sure that I continue to have a friend to run with when I come here," Rena Palmer said.

The woman, who was not injured during the attack, is reconsidering going to the park alone.

"I have come alone from time to time when no one else can come. I probably won't do that again," McKay said.

The Rochester Hills Parks Department is not commenting on the incident.

Anyone with any information on this case is asked to call the Oakland County Sheriff's Department at 248-858-5000.