Schinna Singer was disgusted to find a mouse inside a Campbell's cream of chicken soup can.

"I am so traumatized," she said.

She quickly snapped cellphone pictures of what, she says, an exterminator later determined was a baby mouse. She sent the photos to Campbell's for an explanation.

"They have no idea how it got in there but they want to track it," she said.

Campbell's now is in the process of getting the can and its contents back to its offices in New Jersey for processing. The company offered to send Singer coupons for more soup, but she says no thanks.

She has been clearing out all of the cans she had left in her cupboards and does not plan on buying Campbell's Soup or anything else in a can anytime soon.

"I'm not looking for a lawsuit or anything. I just want the public to know that this is what a big-time corporation is giving out to us," she said.

A Campbell's Soup spokeswoman says the company is taking this very seriously and quality control is looking into it.