PONTIAC, Mich. -

Would a longer school year help stave off the money troubles plaguing schools in Pontiac?

It’s part of one plan Pontiac Public Schools Superintendent Kelley Williams has brought up.

The plan would call from moving away from the two-month summer break and only allow 20 days away from the classroom.

Williams declined an interview by Local 4 to discuss more details of the plan, which is still being reviewed.

A state review of the district this summer found a financial emergency exists.

Pontiac Schools' general fund budget deficit increased from $24.5 million to $37.7 million between 2011 and 2012. Unpaid bills to vendors totaled about $33 million as of the end of June.

Rudy Tidwell will tell you he likes the idea of his 15-year-old having less summer vacation and more time in the classroom.

Tidwell didn’t make it out of the 12th grade. He delivers papers for a living and is making ends meet, but wants his child to have it better. Tidwell said education is the key.

“My main thing as a parent, my main focus is to keep my kids in school, get them their education. Education is very, very important,” he said.

Evelyn Peterson said more time in school wouldn’t only benefit children, but parents, too. She said it would help increase her work hours and lessen the worry about child care.

“I wouldn’t have to worry about my kids out here being in the streets. They would be at school learning something, doing something positive,” she said.

Evelyn Peterson