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Flashpoint: Religious freedom acts, Art X Detroit

This week's edition of Flashpoint takes a look at how religious freedom acts may affect Michigan, the upcoming Proposal 1 and Art X Detroit.


Flashpoint: Impact of Art X Detroit

Devin Scillian speaks with Mark Stryker about the importance of Art X Detroit to the city.


Flashpoint: Impact of religious freedom acts on Detroit

The Flashpoint panel looks at how religious freedom acts may impact Michigan and Detroit.


Flashpoint: Examining proposal to fix Michigan roads

The Flashpoint panel takes a look at Proposal 1 and its likelyhood of passing at the polls.


Flashpoint: Detroit schools, 'The Choice Is Ours'

This week's edition of Flashpoint started with a look at the publication 'The Choice Is Ours' and the state of Detroit Public Schools.


Flashpoint: Importance of education for children

Flashpoint looks at the importance of education for children in Detroit.


Flashpoint: Progress of Detroit Public Schools

The Flashpoint roundtable takes a look at the state of Detroit Public Schools.


Flashpoint: Examining 'The Choice Is Ours'

Devin Scillian talks to three of the members of the team that produced 'The Choice Is Ours.'


Flashpoint: Police violence, Michigan roads

In this week's edition of Flashpoint, the panel talked about a violent arrest by Inkster police, the state of Michigan's roads and the next presidential election.


Flashpoint: Looking ahead to next presidential election

With candidates beginning to emerge, the Flashpoint panel took an early look at the next United States presidential election.


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  • Devin Scillian

    In addition to anchoring Local 4 News at 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 11 p.m., Devin Scillian is also the host of "Flashpoint," Local 4's weekly community hot topic program which airs Sundays at 10 a.m.

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