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Live in the D: 'Cody High: A Life Remodeled Project'

Chuck Gaidica's efforts with Life Remodeled are being showcased in a documentary.

Cody community now ready for kickoff

Cody High School has not had a home football game in more than six years.

Cody High School's new football field is ready

Cody High School has not had a home football game in more than six years.

Force 4 Good: Cody football team walks to new field

They finally have their own field to play on.

Force 4 Good: Home remodeled for deserving family

Volunteers from Life Remodeled made this possible.

Life Remodeled celebrates Cody success

All this week we watched the progress as the group Life Remodeled transformed the community around Cody High School. Chuck Gaidica played a role in this massive project.

Force 4 Good: Houses torn down across from Cody HS

The community surrounding Cody High School is getting remodeled, too.

Force 4 Good: Life Remodeled helps Cody community

Thousands of people a day are volunteering to help the Cody community.

Force 4 Good: Life Remodeled's Cody High School project honored with flag

The flag was flown over the United States Capitol.

'Life Remodeled' gets back to work after rain delay

Chuck Gaidica has the latest on what has been accomplished in Detroit by Life Remodeled volunteers, despite a rain delay.

Force 4 Good: School flooding doesn't stop volunteers

The heavy amount of rain hit Cody High School, too, allowing volunteers to identify some leaky areas in the roof.

Local 4 donates $5,000 to Cody High School redevelopment

Life Remodeled received a $5,000 boost from Local 4.

Life Remodeled project in Detroit gets underway

Chuck Gaidica is part of the massive volunteering group that is transforming a 100-block area in Detroit.

Force 4 Good: Volunteers work at Cody HS despite rain

A little rain won't stop these good-hearted volunteers who are working to transform a school and its surrounding neighborhood.

Force 4 Good: Renovating Cody High School

The work is underway and you can help by making even a tiny donation.

Force 4 Good: Remodeling a community

The Cody-Rouge neighborhood is getting lifted up.

Force 4 Good: Massive transformation coming in Detroit

Local 4's own Chuck Gaidica is excited to be a part of a major transformation project in Detroit.

Cody students get new start at school

Life Remodeled is transforming more than the school and the neighborhood -- some students will see a big difference at home too.

The countdown to a community's transformation

Boarded up, burnt down, and crumbling.

100 blocks of abandoned Detroit to be renovated

The Cody Rouge High School community plans to clean up abandoned houses and overgrown landscape to better the neighborhood

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About Chuck Gaidica

  • Chuck Gaidica: My new focus on TV is 'Force 4 Good'

    Chuck Gaidica is very excited about his new role at Local 4, showcasing the Force 4 Good in our community. In August 2014, Chuck stepped down as the Director of Meteorology, but he remains a big part of the Local 4 family. In his new role, Chuck will bring you special reports on the good work being done to make southeast Michigan a better place. Chuck plans to travel around the metro Detroit community to shine a spotlight on the people and programs that are truly acting as a Force 4 Good in our neighborhoods.

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