"And they look for us," said Jacqui White.

"And they know we're there for them," said Cheryl Davis.

Jacqui White and Cheryl Davis Davis and White will be in Sochi to see their children go for gold.   When they saw their children skate in Vancouver in 2010 they notice something about them before they took the Olympic ice.

"They came upstairs and they gave us a hug and they turned around and Jackie said something to me like "Should we be nervous that they're not nervous at all?" and so none of us were nervous. So it was just such a wonderful, warm, emotional feeling to be at the Olympics and to have your kids at that level," said Cheryl Davis.

"The feeling of being there was just the icing on the cake. We got there, that was such a huge accomplishment to make it to the Olympics. I mean that's a dream for an athlete," Jacqui White said.

The nerves will definitely be present in Sochi.  

"There will be a lot of pressure and I feel like the kids will feel it, but I feel like they will be ready," said Cheryl Davis. "They are always well-trained and that is something out of our control which is great because if it were in my control I would be more nervous."

Davis said it makes them less nervous for these Winter Games know their children's work ethic  and knowing they are ready to compete at this level.

The strong bond between Davis and White, almost as if they have been lifelong sisters, is evident as they talk about what's ahead for their children in Sochi, Russia and the potential of seeing them on the medal podium in a second Olympics.

"It's just so emotional that I don't think anybody ... see I'll cry now, can understand it unless they're there," said Cheryl Davis.

"I can," said Jacqui White. "I can understand it because we've been on the trip together. It's been a bumpy, sometimes roller coaster ride journey from the beginning to where they are now, and we never expected it. We just road along with them and sometimes we felt like 'Oh my God, can we even do this any more?' and they really pull us along."

"They bring such joy, it's not like, people say to us how much you sacrifice and I always say it was never a sacrifice because look what they brought to our lives," said Cheryl Davis.  "What did we really sacrifice? We had a ball.  The two of us have had the greatest times on these trips."

"Seeing them on that podium will be just, that will be the cherry on the icing," said Jacqui White.

"Right, exactly," said Cheryl Davis.

"That would be such an emotional high we wont even be able to hardly see it, we'll be crying so hard," said Jacqui Davis.

A high they will likely get to experience on February 17 when their children compete in the free dance part of the competition.  It will be after that round that the world will know who the new gold medal winners will be in Olympic ice dancing.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White have not said what their plans are after the Winter Olympics.   Both have said they will discuss it and decide their future together after the games in Sochi.