Steven Holcomb, piloting for the U.S., helped the U.S. four-man team win gold in Vancouver in 2010. He'll be piloting the two-man team as well. The U.S. has not won gold in the two-man event since 1936 and last medaled in 1952 in Oslo.

4. Men's aerials

The aerials event is one of the most visually impressive in the Winter Games, with athletes launching themselves off ski jumps to perform multiple somersaults in the air before landing.

The favorites are Qi Guangpu and Liu Zhongqing, both of China, and Anton Kushnir of Belarus. Zhongqing won a bronze at Vancouver.

The qualifying rounds and the finals will be held Monday. Athletes are judged on technique in their takeoff, jump form and landing.

Who else to watch:

The United States has one entrant, 18-year-old Mac Bohonnon.

5. Snowboard Cross

In this event, four athletes on snowboards simultaneously race down a course with jumps, obstacles and banks. It sounds chaotic and sometimes it is. Monday will be a busy day, with seedings followed by four other rounds of competition.

Markus Schairer, 26, of Austria is one of the favorites to win gold. Like most snowboarders, he has suffered multiple injuries during his career, including tearing his anterior cruciate ligament twice and breaking his chin, arm, finger, shoulder and some ribs.

Who else to watch:

Omar Visintin of Italy and Jarryd Hughes of Austria have competed strongly throughout the competitions leading up to the Olympics.