We can tweet and Facebook information to people we have never met -- connecting us more than ever.

Millions of Americans will turn on the TV on Sunday to witness the New York Giants and New England Patriots compete in Super Bowl XLVI.

Now, there is a new way -- beyond social media -- to watch this game and your favorite TV shows, and connect with other viewers instantaneously.

It is a new app for your iPad and computer that is launching just in time for the Super Bowl. It's called ConnecTV.

This app enhances the TV shows you already watch, whether it be a soap opera, prime time show or sports -- especially sports.

Here is how it works:

While you are watching TV, the ConnecTV app will pick up sound, recognize the program you are watching and give you instant feedback, statistics and information about your favorite players, actors or even the program itself.

On the side of the screen viewers watching the same show can post comments about the program, or sporting event.

Instead of texting your friends while watching TV, you can chat with them instantly right on the ConnecTV page.

The best part: The App is absolutely free. Download ConnecTV here:

By downloading ConnecTV, you will get to watch the Super Bowl like never before by interacting with people from all over the world.

You will be able to see the players' statistics, update in real time, discuss the good and bad and hilarious commercials, comment on Madonna's halftime performance and even vote for the MVP of the game.

Don't forget to download the app if you haven't already! Right here: app

For more information on ConnecTV, read this: New ConnecTV app allows viewers to connect with favorite programs, each other like never before

Be sure to tune into Local 4 on Sunday to watch Super Bowl XLVI. The Detroit Red Wings will play the Phoenix Coyotes at 8 p.m. Monday on NBC Sports Network.

NBC is also your home for the PGA Masters Tournament and the Olympics!