Cabrera hits toward second, it’s caught

Fielder’s hit just fans out, DelmonYoung up with two out

Young is walked by Vogelsong.That was the second walk allowed by the Giants starter.

Dirks’ hit goes towards 2nd, is caught and that’s end of inning

Score 2-0 Giants.


Giants’ Crawford strikes out

Detroit’s Jackson catches fly ball to center from Angel Pagan

Scutaro’s hit caught by Cabrera

Scoreless top of the inning.

Peralta up, makes contact but it’s caught by the Panda -- Sandoval

Avila base hit

Infante singles, takes it to two on with one out

Jackson up – he’s walked

Bases loaded as Berry tries his hand at bat. He strikes out.

Cabrera pops out with bases loaded.

Score 2-0 Giants


Sandoval’s hit to center field makes Jackson jet for it, but he makes the catch

Fielder catches Posey’s hit

In-field base hit for Pence.

Belt strikes out

Fielder hits line drive to right and is out

Sandoval catches Delmon Young’s hit

Vogelsong walks Dirks