Vogelsong is out, Lincecum in.

Score 2-0 Giants


Crawford gets his second hit of the night with two out.

Pagan strikes out – that’s eight on the night for Anibal Sanchez.

Alex Avila out

Fly ball to right by Infante, caught

Jackson walks

Berry strikes out, again

Score 2-0 Giants 


Joaquin Benoit in to pitch for Detroit

Scutaro grounds out

Sandoval hits fly ball to left

Posey strikes out

Pence grounds to Peralta and is retired

Cabrera shatters his bat, but is robbed of a single

Fielder strikes out

Delmon Young gets on base by error on Crawford

Dirks strikes out

Score 2-0 Giants


Phil Coke pitching. Belt struck out swinging.

Blanco struck out looking.

Sanchez struck out swinging.
Romo pitching. Peralta flied out to left fielder Blanco.